Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Thanks....

He locks eyes with her as she ask him if he would like a beverage. The biggest smile crossed his face and words never left his mouth. She repeats the question once more and he snaps out of his daze and replies with a coke please. She leans over to place the item on his tray table and he whispers in her ear, "May I have your number or better yet, can I give you mine?" She acts as though she never heard his request and continues down the aisle. Once service is complete and she passes by for trash, he tries his approach again. "Excuse me", he says with a folded napkin in his hands. She takes the napkin and places it in the trash bag. She did notice that he had wrote his number on the napkin but she does not bat an eye and continues down the aisle. He cringes as the napkin falls into the trash bag. Damn, he thinks to himself she is really tripping. Of course no man goes down without a fight and he was determined to get this young woman's' attention one way or another. He strikes once more while deplaning the aircraft. The gentleman approaches the flight attendant and before he can get the first word out of his mouth, she replied "No, thank you and I don't think your wife would approve. I saw her drop you off at curbside check in as I entered the airport this morning. Her ring is beautiful and your kids are gorgeous." He was shocked at her response and embarrassment was all over his face. The flight attendant looks into his eyes and says with a smile, " Your bags can be claimed at carousel 8 and have a great day!"

Keep it movin Mister!

Smooches from the jumpseat,