Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Career Like No Other

I recently celebrated my five year anniversary as a Flight Attendant. I started to recall flight attendant training, the friends that have come and gone and the hard times. When I began to reflect on the hard times, I had to ask myself "Why am I still here?" Humm...Considering all the drawbacks of this job I must admit there are two things that keep me around year after year. The non-revenue flight benefits and the flexible work schedule.

Non-revenue travel is just what you need when the budget is tight or a last minute visit out of town is needed. Stand by travel is not the greatest but it is free or well reduced on may airlines.

My greatest asset here is the flexible schedule. I pick and chose when I want to work or not work. I schedule work around my life and not my life around work! No holidays or weekends for me. My seniority allows me this privilege. There are always opportunities to take a leave of absence during the fall months. If I want to be at home more, then I can build my schedule to do so. If I want to make a little more money, I can work more flights. It is all up to me!

In the beginning, I must admit it was trying but now I am happy and in love with my career as a Flight Attendant!

Smooches from the jumpseat,

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