Friday, June 26, 2009

The Morning After.....

It is the morning after a nice layover in Las Vegas. I had a 5 am. wake up but I had just touched the pillow a little after 1 am. Interesting is the word to describe how I feel. My eye lids are half open and my eyes are glazed over. I am moving slow. I feel like I look sleep. No make up on of course. Heels are in my flight bag and I am walking around in my service shoes. Why am I so tried?

I attended happy hour, went shopping and gambled until the wee hours of the morning here in Vegas. Happy hour was great and the drinks were good. Much needed after a long day of flying. The approach into Vegas was the worst I had ever experienced. The wind caused many aircrafts including us to miss our approach for landing. So we had to swing around and were successful on our second attempt.

I always find some good deals at the Premium Outlet Mall. There is almost every designer you can think of there. I was only able to pick up a few items in the amount of time I had to shop. Followed up shopping with a trip to the nearby casino. I have started to learn the game of blackjack and I did ok. I did not end up playing as much as I had planned which is good because I saved myself some money. I was so tried after this full day of hanging out in Vegas.

My service smile was a little limp and my patience was not as long at work the next day but I survived!

Smooches from the jumpseat,


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