Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baggage Claim and the Jumpseat

Flight Attendants love to talk and gossip about the people, company and each other other but what we seem to talk about more than anything else is ourselves. Yes, I have said it out loud. I don't know if we just enjoy hearing ourselves talk or could it be that we are lonely. Who knows why you are seating next to me (a complete stranger/co worker) and telling me about all about your baggage.

I have been referring to the jumpseat for years as baggage claim. Every time the seat is pulled down and the seatbelts are secured you feel the need to SHARE. I hear about your life's mishaps and stories. You never share with me the good stuff going on in your life. Most of the time you are telling me about your issues. It is times like these that I wish the airline would misplace your bags! LOL! You have told me about your husband, kids, mother, father, supervisor, scheduling, sister, brother, aunt and uncle all in three days. I now have a new friend and if my memory serves me right your seniority is all I recall because you are senior to me and chose to work the best position.

Because of our new and special bond, I will not breath a word to anyone about what you have told me about the married older Captain that is sleeping with the young new hire flight attendant that commutes out of New York and how she surprisingly picked up this trip when our gay male flight attendant got sick on our layover in Las Vegas. You did tell me how he really got drunk on our 18 hour layover with some new friends he met that put a date rape drug in his drink and how he does not want it to get back to his male captain boyfriend that no one knows is gay. And how our female First Officer made a pass at him(the gay male flight attendant) because she did not realize that he was gay and they slept together on our layover in Los Angeles the night before and the gay male flight attendant is so worried that it will get back to his Captain boyfriend because the female First Officer knows him. And you almost made me fall off my jumpseat when you told me that both you and the female first officer had a three sum with the same Captain whom no one knows is gay on your last trip!

Girl all I can say is yall are all going to burn in HELL! LMAO...

Smooches from the jumpseat,


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