Friday, June 19, 2009

The Joys of My Life.... No Husband or Kids!

After traveling here to Dallas, TX for a family members wedding, I have been posed with the same question over and over again even from those that did my nails at the salon today when they realized I was not the bride to be. Are you really ready to know what the hell is bugging me??? "When are you getting married?" Well let me check my calendar and discuss it over with Prince Charming and get back to you with an invitation about three months before the ceremony! LOL! Do not get me wrong I am not upset about the question but more so about how the deer in headlights stare takes over as I provide my well thought out and pleasant response.

I am comfortable and enjoying where I am currently in my life. I am a flight attendant, real estate agent, student and devoted member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I live a very active life and I am selfish. Yes, I must admit I am a bit selfish with my time and money. I have chosen not to buy diapers and instead purchase birth control pills. I chose not to buy milk over evenings out with my friends. I chose not to save up for a college fund and save up for vacations around the world. I have no limitations outside of funds. I have the most flexible job in the world as a flight attendant so getting time off is never an issue. When I chose to jet set and it interferes with my real estate duties, I team up with another agent to get the transaction closed for a price I am willing to pay. I am just not ready, willing and able to give up my time and money!

Am I not suppose to enjoy the fruits of my labor and the choices I have made in my life? I am enjoying where I am. Trust me, when the next phase comes along I will be just as thrilled and accepting of it as I am in this phase. Many people feel as though all single people are depressed and lonely because they are not tied in a knot to someone special. I do not agree. Most of us date and/or have companions. So we are not lonely we are just not hitched yet and that is OK. Look at Oprah. She is a very successful and powerful woman. Her lack of a husband and children have not hindered her. She has a companion, family, friends and pets that keep her busy.

So I share all this with you to say, don't assume anything about single people or those of us without any kids. Some of us are happy and living full lives. We enjoy where we are and we most importantly love who we are. There are some singles who do not enjoy this phase of life and I wish they would enjoy what God has in front of them right now instead of what is not. We miss so much that life has to offer when we do not live in the moment. The moments are here for a reason. Embrace your moments just like I will continue to embrace these.

Smooches from the jumpseat,


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